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Woman reading housing survey at BOPF open forum

The housing survey – finding out what people want

The BOPF Housing Action Group, Information Hub and Housing Survey are now well underway.

This work has been commissioned by Bristol Ageing Better (BAB) and is scheduled to be completed by March/April 2020.

Our plan is to take it on beyond this timeline and shape it around future housing policy for older people in Bristol.

When the survey, which includes an on-line and hard copy questionnaire, focus group work and some one-to-one interviews, is completed in late February 2020, we will be presenting it along with recommendations to the Housing Board of Bristol City Council (BCC).

Following on from this, we’ll focus on how best to take it forward as part of the Bristol Age Friendly City agenda and link it with other areas of our voice and influence work.

This is a substantial piece of research, which we think will help decision makers – the politicians, planners, developers, Housing Associations and the public/charitable/ private sectors to design, develop and deliver housing options much more effectively.

BOPF members and others, with an interest, knowledge and experience of all areas of homes and housing are working as part of the action group and information hub to shape the future.

This will ‘place older people at the heart of housing policy’ and ensure that they are not just passive recipients of ‘top down’ decision making.

This is very much the core of the BOPF vision of empowerment, equality and addressing Ageism.

Ian Quaife, BOPF Engagement and Development Manager

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