The Autumn 2018 issue of our BOPF Newsletter is now out:  BOPF Newsletter Issue56 – we would like to thank the Extra Care Charitable Trust for sponsoring this issue.

SPONSOR our 81-year-old Trustee Tony Wilson who has SKY DIVED to save the Bristol Older People’s Forum


Zia Haque (member) and Tony Wilson (Trustee)

You can find an article about Tony’s Skydive fundraising event at Bristol 24/7 News

Our very courageous Trustee, Tony Wilson (81 years) is raising funds for us by JUMPING OUT OF A PLANE on Saturday 14 April 2018. Joining Tony with the skydive were Zia Haque, BOPF member, and a 16-year-old supporter, Ariana Singh.

To sponsor any of our skydivers please visit our donations page.


Get involved!

Please join us if you are 55+ in Bristol (free)


BOPF’s aim is that every older person in the city is an equal, valued, participating member of the community who can influence the decisions which affect their lives. (Read more on the About Us pages).

Our manifesto, launched in 2016, sets out the priorities in achieving our aim through influencing key providers and decision makers in the city, and by working with others. It is fully supported by Mayor Marvin Rees, Kerry McCarthy MP, many councillors and others. Please read it and let us know what you think – it belongs to all older people in the city.

Any queries or suggestions please Contact Us. Read the latest newsletter and follow us on twitter!