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BOPF Housing Action Project

BOPF has recently been commissioned by Bristol Ageing Better to deliver a housing project (six months duration Oct 2019 – March 2020) enabling older people to have a direct say in the development of housing and housing support in the future.

A detailed research survey is now under way and a Housing Action Group (Fifty people signed up) is meeting monthly to focus in on issues and concerns.  Again, the project will feed in to formal decision-making structures around the Citywide Age Friendly City and One City Plan agendas.

The research survey includes a postal/hard copy questionnaire, focus group sessions, one-to-one interviews and a case study. This will build upon and add value to both current local and national housing research and provide a real insight into older people’s view across the city.

In February 2020 we (Housing Action Group) will present the research findings to the One City Strategy Housing Board with key recommendations to ensure that they can influence future policy.

‘We don’t just want to be a talking shop we want to make a difference.’

BOPF/Housing Action Group member