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Positioning BOPF at the centre of transport decision making

The Transport Action Group (TAG) recently held, at the BOPF office, a lively and informative workshop to identify priorities and actions for the BOPF/TAG Ten-Point Manifesto.

The group members, all older people, identified a range of issues around WALKING, CYCLING, BUSES, RAILWAYS, CLEAN AIR and other general issues and then carried out a detailed exercise to focus right in on the priorities.

This work was supplemented with previous findings from our recent BOPF Open Forum Workshop and recommendations made from a Bristol Ageing Better (BAB) all-day transport workshop, held last year.

Our Manifesto will form the basis of a first meeting, set for late January 2020, with TAG being formally recognised as a sub- group of the Bristol City Transport Board.  The actions will then be developed and delivered within an agreed time frame.

The success will be down to finding practical solutions to the many transport challenges and working closely with local politicians, BCC officers, transport providers like First Bus, transport professionals and local residents.

This will help drive BOPF/TAG into the centre of decision and policy making on transport across the city and into the South West region.

We don’t want the Ten-Point Manifesto to be gathering dust on a shelf we want it to make a big difference to our transport infrastructure, for older people and the wider community’ (TAG member)

We will have more details on the content of the Ten-point Manifesto very soon.

Ian Quaife, BOPF Engagement and Development Manager

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