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Thoughts from an imagined care home resident

They say it’s the virus.  Everything is different. The staff are kind, but very busy so I don’t see them much. They say it’s the virus. My best friend Betty has gone; I don’t see Henry, Irene or Jean any more.  I am in my room nearly all day. They say it is the virus. When I go to the lounge I sit alone with one or two others across the room. My son and daughter don’t visit me anymore.  I saw them through the window last week. I haven’t seen those nice people who used to come to my care home to sing and dance, and others to help us exercise and have fun, for quite a long time. They say it’s the virus.  The staff here seem very busy and worried. They try to re-assure me.  I can’t see their faces. They wear plastic coats which cover them all over, and wear masks and plastic shields so it is hard to know who is who.  When all this started the staff sometimes said they didn’t have the special clothes and they seemed very worried and anxious. They said it was the government. I am bored and frightened.

Ken Dolbear, BOPF Member and Volunteer – RSVP West

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