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BOPF Ambassador’s report

In January I chaired the Bristol Ageing Better Board meeting; we are coming to the end of our five year grant from the Big Lottery and have gathered much evidence on projects which will be used country wide. BOPF was one of the original sponsors of the bid to get the money into the city, and I’ve been Deputy Chair from the start. Our latest project, Friends Ageing Better, is being very successful, and now has over 1000 members who meet across the city for coffee, and do various activities. This project looks like continuing even when BAB ends.

I helped launch the “Age Proud” Campaign which hopes to continue breaking down stereotypes and attitudes to older people, and we will be hearing the little film we made soon, which was played on the Silver Ball in Millennium Square every half an hour in January.

I presented the ‘Babbers” programme for older people, on January 17th on Ujima Radio 98fm (12 – 2 on Mondays, by old people for old people), and stood in for another presenter on February 3rd. Among other things we talked about keeping Independence at home, (I interviewed John Moore of “Home Instead), our own Ian about some of our projects and our new website, various choirs and recorded some singing, and the importance of fun, and the FAB disco’s.

On February 5th I represented BOPF at the “Mayor’s Hot Coffee, Hot Topic”, event. This was about health, and how to make the city healthy. I suggested a converted bus or van set up as a kitchen to tour deprived areas of the city in the holidays to teach children free, how to cook and about nutrition, and opening school kitchens to do the same. Teaching today’s children means tomorrows children will be healthier!

I start a research programme soon with British University, on “Digital Health” which sounds interesting, so watch this space, Oh! and carrying on my campaign to get old people on TV, I had an audition for the programme “Tipping Point” – but won’t hear till June. Looking forward to International Women’s Day in March when I’ll be on the BOPF stall. It’s an exciting life!

Judith Brown, BOPF Ambassador.

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