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News from BOPF Chair- 18 March 2021

Racist emails aimed at the Mayor and Deputy Mayor

You may be aware of the national and local news coverage about the level of race hate emails sent to Elected Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees and Deputy Mayor Cllr. Asher Craig.

This followed the council agreeing and passing the ‘Atonement and Reparations Plan’, for Bristol’s leading role in the transatlantic slave trade,

In the week following the decision, Marvin received an onslaught of over 4,500 race hate emails.  Asher also received nearly 2,000, containing vile slurs and actual threats.

In response BOPF would like to put out the following statement.

‘We at BOPF strongly condemn all forms of hate crime and race inequality and fully support Bristol’s move to acknowledge its role in the enslavement of Afrikan people, and to take action in addressing past and present racial injustice.’



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