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Voice and Influence Revised Logo 07.2019

The VIP partnership is the one of the most important ways that Bristol City Council (BCC) formally consults with older people.

The partnership is made up of leading equalities organisations across Bristol.  BOPF are one of the key partners. As a member you can benefit from all the combined expertise, support and influence.

You have the option of joining VIP when you join BOPF – it’s free!

VIP welcomes people who are:

  • Over 55
  • A member of a faith group
  • Identify as disabled
  • Are from a minority ethnic group
  • Identify as LGBTQ+

‘Finally, something is being done! We are working together for some cohesive action through the VIP partnership.’

East Park Resident Elder

As a VIP member you can:

  • Receive a regular VIP newsletter
  • Receive invitations to free events like the BOPF Open Forum meetings and question and question/challenge the council on a range of important issues
  • Get support for your group through BOPF or one of the other partners (The Care Forum, The Centre for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, OTR Freedom, WECIL and SARI)
  • Be part of an independent partnership to influence Bristol City Council and other public bodies.
  • Be kept informed on how your contribution has made a difference.
  • Link in to BOPF’s other work building a voice on Transport and Housing issues

‘By working together, we can make sure our diverse communities are part of local decision making.’

VIP member

Celebrating our first year’s VIP achievements

The first year 2018/19 of the Voice & Influence Partnership has been a successful one for BOPF.

We have developed an effective community work approach, which means that we visit local older people, we talk to them and most importantly we listen to their issues and concerns.  We also support our VIP members and their community groups with grant applications, neighbourhood campaigning, project development advice and direct involvement in formal consultation – like our recent detailed and ongoing discussion around Clean Air and the Council Budget.

We have already reached our contracted VIP membership with two years of the initial partnership to run.  This means we can focus on delivering high quality development work and increasing the number of older people participating and holding Bristol City Council to account.

No more shouting from the side lines!  From toilets to transport, from climate change to wellbeing and health, we want VIP to make a difference!