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Life Under Lockdown Research Project

This Life Under Lockdown research project is part of the Bristol Join Up Partnership, led by the Bristol Care Forum, and comprising a group of five organisations working with older people from a range of diverse backgrounds. It is part of a two-year longitudinal study, looking at the challenges of the Covid pandemic facing a sample of older people (aged 55+) from differing backgrounds and age ranges in Bristol.
We hope that the information and findings in this research will add value to strengthening the response to the current pandemic and inform future intervention, policy and service provision.

Research Findings – Phase 1

Published: Autumn 2020

Research Findings – Phase 1

The research data and findings from phase one of this project were published in July 2020 and looked at the challenges of the first government lockdown from March 2020.  This was framed around an on-line and postal questionnaire and enabled older people to identify and articulate their thoughts and fears about the pandemic.

One of the most significant observations we found, was that the hard-copy postal version of questionnaire was completed by a far higher percentage of older people in the advanced age group (75+). This may reflect the fact that this generation are more likely to be digitally excluded.

Download the Report – Phase 1


Research Findings – Phase 2

Published: Summer 2021

Life Under Lockdown Report - Phase 2

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Research Findings – Phase 2

This second paper focusses on phase two and covers the second lockdown in England from November 2020. It is informed by a number of one-to-one (Zoom) semi-structured and informal interviews, a series of group discussions, conducted (socially distanced) face-to-face, by telephone and via Zoom video link. We also carried out a detailed literature search, looking at national academic findings/mainstream media coverage, and linking this to our own data.

We were keen to compare and contrast the phase one findings with people’s experiences of the second phase of Covid restrictions, and significantly,  the period prior to the vaccination roll out.

Download the Report – Phase 2

In parallel with this document is an important post-vaccination research report, How Have Care Homes in Bristol Been Affected by COVID-19?  published by our partner organisation Alive Activities.



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