The Winter issue of our BOPF newsletter 2018 is out now.  You can download the newsletter by clicking on this link.

BOPF Newsletter Winter 2018 – Issue57

full of campaigns, consultations, tips, advice, phone numbers, events and more…do share far and wide!

You can also read past newsletters here:

BOPF Newsletter Autumn 2018 – issue56

BOPF Newsletter Spring 2018 – issue55

BOPF Newsletter Winter 2017 – issue54

BOPF Newsletter_Summer 2017 – issue53

BOPF Newsletter Spring 2017 – issue52

2016 newsletters:  Winter, Summer and Spring   (and if you would like any historic newsletters do let us know)

Any comments or ideas please contact us – and ensure you receive your own copy of the next issue by joining us (free for those aged 55+ in Bristol) or send us an email to be added to our email list of supporters.

Our newsletters reach well over 3000 older people, 3 times a year, many of whom are not online and may rely on printed media. We also email it widely to those working with older people (reach of c2000).


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