Key Bristol Transport Contacts

  • Planning your Journey
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Buses
  • Community Transport
  • Private Taxi Services
  • Mobility Equipment
  • Park & Ride

Planning your Journey

Travel West
One stop travel information/journey planning (website only)


Walking for Health
To find a walking group in your area
0117 352 1283

Bristol Walking Alliance
improving Bristol’s walking environment                  


Lifecycle UK
Over 55 Group Cycling
0117 353 4580

Better By Bike
Bristol’s Cycling City website (website only)  

Cycle Travel
Cycle route planning & updates (website only)


Older Person’s Bus Pass
Bristol City Council – free travel for people of State Pension Age
Apply online or via paper form

Customer Services
0117 929 1613 / 0345 646 0707
see also for bus routes and timetables

Environmentally friendly bus
Free with bus pass (website only)