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 > Bread of Bristol – project supported by the University of Bristol

Bread of Bristol

Bread of Bristol explores how the people of Bristol engage with the theme of bread-making, bread-eating and bread in general. There has been a renewed focus on flour, yeast, bread during the past few months of lockdown.

What memories does bread stir? Have you got a special recipe for your bread? Do you have an emotional relation to bread, to its texture, flavour, smell? Have you learned to bake bread from a person dear to you? Have you got a story about bread that you would like to share? Is there a tradition of bread-making that you feel part of? Did you buy extra flour to bake bread during the pandemic?

If you have any bread-related stories that you would like to tell, experiences or recipes that you would like to share; if you would like to share with us how you make your own bread (we can help you with making a video!); if you want to write something about or related to bread (poetry, stories from the past, memories) please get in touch! We welcome any form of participation in our project!

Please get in touch with your ideas or questions – our email is