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BOPF Challenging Ageism Workshop – Wednesday 16 June 2021

Photo courtesy of the Centre for Ageing Better

The two-hour workshops will enable participants to explore their own thoughts and experiences and look at ways of building new approaches to tackling ageism as an inequality. It will also focus on how ageist beliefs and actions affect both older and younger people.

The workshop content includes:

  • Definitions of ageism
  • Exploring ageist stereotypes
  • A short quiz
  •  brief history of ageism
  • Ageism and the 2010 Equalities Act, looking at direct and indirect ageism through a number of scenarios
  • A short ‘Age Proud’ Video • How we can challenge ageism in our work and daily lives.

The workshops also explore how the COVID-19 Crisis has highlighted ageist policy decisions and look at ways we can use in working towards a strategic approach to eradicating structural ageism.

You can register on our Eventbrite webpage HERE.

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