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BOPF Annual Appeal from our BOPF Ambassador

To all BOPF members and friends. Hello again!

What a year it’s been so far. And so much has been happening that you probably don’t remember it’s the time of year when we have our hand out! Yes, its donation time!

Like all charities, BOPF has suffered this year and there will be further financial restraints ahead of us. But because we want to keep everyone informed and connected, and more than half our members are not online, we’ve had to bring out more paper information than usual. Postage alone to over 1800 households, as you will know, is expensive!

So we would like to ask you if you can donate to us, as you have done brilliantly in previous years. If every member sent us £5, we would have £15,000. This would pay for a bi-monthly newsletter for the whole of next year! But we are happy to accept all gifts, no matter how big or small. Literally every penny is precious and will help us deliver our work through the current Covid crisis and way beyond.

Some people say, don’t you feel awkward asking for money? No I don’t; because I think that, and I’ve been involved as a member, as Chairperson and now as the ambassador for many years, Bristol Older People’s Forum does a great job, representing the members, raising issues of concern over the last twenty seven years and now meeting the current challenges.

So please, follow our link, donate and help us continue delivering all our projects and services to you.

Judith Brown, BOPF Ambassador